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Are you familiar with the LEED Point benefits of solar window film?

Are you familiar with the LEED Point benefits of solar window film?

Are you currently pursuing LEED certification through the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC)?  As you know, new and existing buildings seeking LEED certification must meet EPA Energy Star rating of a minimum of 60 credits.  Did you know that solar window film is a proven and approved energy saving product that can help meet the qualifications for LEED certification?

There are significant areas of opportunity in which solar window film can help attain LEED points.  As you review the areas where window film can be leveraged, it may seem confusing and even disconcerting.  Our team has experience with LEED buildings and can help review your current building LEED performance and outline how solar window film can make the most impact for your project.

How Do I Earn Points with LEED Certified Windows?

Light Pollution Reduction (+1 Point)
Submission Intent:  Window film can reduce light transmission by 50% or more. This will reduce developmental impact on nocturnal environments and improve night sky access.

Thermal Comfort (+1 Point)
Submission Intent: Solar Window film can block up to 99% of UV rays.  It is well documented that occupants of a building outfitted with solar window film feel significant improvement in comfort from sun glare, and report being more productive.  

Optimizing Energy Performance (+1 to 3 Points)
Submission Intent:  Window film can provide as much as 15% of the whole building energy savings.  This above the prerequisite Energy Star® standard, thus solar film reduces the building's environmental impact.

Providing Daylighting and Views (+1 to 2 Points)
Submission Intent:  Because solar window film reduces the sun's glare and can block up to 99% of UV rays, the need for blinds and shades can be eliminated. This allows the introduction of sunlight into the building in a more improved and desirable manner.

Innovations in Operations and Upgrades (+1 Point)
Submission Intent:  Solar window film blocks up to 99% of harmful and damaging UV rays from reaching the occupants.  Security window film is an upgrade which protects occupants from injury by glass shards from either weather or criminal activity.  The application of decorative window film provides an updated and refreshed glass and excludes the need to replace and dispose of the current glass.

Optimize Use of Alternative Materials (+1 Point)
Submission Intent:  Solar window film from Excellent Window Tinting is sourced from local materials.  We reduce the pollution derived from transporting the materials to be manufactured and then to the project site.  Credits can also be administered if more than 50% of the product is sourced within 500 miles of the LEED project.