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Glare & UV Protection Window Film

Glare & UV Protection Window Film

How does UV Window Film work?

The concept is simple. We are all familiar with the tinted windows that you see in sports cars and limousines. That tint film is blocking visible light, sometimes to the point of making it impossible to see inside of the car. UV protection film does the same thing, except that it blocks UV (ultraviolet) light waves. UV waves are above the visible light spectrum, so you can’t see them. They are the same waves that cause your skin to tan.

A protective film is made from plastics, specific chemicals, and sometimes ceramics that keep UV light from coming in through the window. The film is applied to the glass with a thin layer of adhesive. When done by a professional, the film is nearly invisible, usually only showing a small amount of shading. The room is also usually noticeably cooler as soon as the film is applied.

UV Fading Protection

Unfiltered sunlight streaming in through a window can fade nearly everything in your home, from fabric to wood to paint. The technical term for UV fading is photodegradation. What’s happening is that the UV waves from the sun are breaking down the chemicals that create color in your furniture, paint, carpet, and nearly everything else.

The protective coating is designed to either reflect or absorb the UV rays. This keeps over 99% of the UV rays off your possessions.

Glare Protection

When you find yourself squinting in bright light, it’s because the light is unfiltered. Most UV protection films also reduce glare by cutting down the amount of visible light without darkening the room.

Many people think of those ultra-dark car windows when they consider putting window film on the windows of their home. In truth, home windows with protective film are more like the windows on a skyscraper or office building. You can see through them and lots of light is allowed in, but there is less glare, making it easier to live in the home.

Getting UV protection film applied to the windows of your home is an excellent investment. It can make your home more comfortable and protect everything you own from fading and damage. It might even save your eyes a bit.