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Top 9 Reasons to Tint Your Home Windows

Top 9 Reasons to Tint Your Home Windows

Tinted car windows are commonplace. Tinting on skyscraper windows is almost mandatory. So what about home windows? Most people don’t think to put window film on the windows in their homes, but there are plenty of great reasons to make that small investment.

Even though many new home windows already come with UV protection and sometimes thermal protection, additional coatings on windows can go much further. (Older windows, or less expensive brands, don’t have any coating on them at all.)

Here are the top 9 reasons to put window tint films on your home windows:

1. Lower Energy Costs

Window tinting can help keep the sun’s heat out, and some window films can even act as a thermal barrier against the cold. Your furnace or heating system won’t have to work as hard, and that will save you money. The window films themselves aren't terribly expensive to begin with, so they will pay for themselves in no time.

2. Increase Resale Value

The value of window tinting will translate nicely into your home’s resale price. You can use the various positive attributes of window tinting as selling points for your home when you decide to sell. Buyers will love all the positives that window tinting can offer.

3. Reduce Extreme Heat

By controlling the amount of infrared radiation that enters your home, window films help to reduce the amount of heat your home takes in. This can make your house more comfortable in the summer months. Even near windows, the indoor temperature will remain the same.

4. Reduce Extreme Cold

It’s amazing to think, but a thin transparent layer of window film can actually keep heat from escaping and prevent your home from getting cold. Many of the most innovative window films are made with ceramics and plastics that don’t conduct heat well, so heat is trapped indoors, making your house more comfortable during the colder seasons.

5. Prevent Fading

Ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun can cause the carpets and furniture in your home to fade quickly. By keeping these harmful rays out with window tint films, you can keep your home looking new and beautiful longer. Often, both UV and infrared protection are available in the same film.

6. Reduce Glare

A window tint film can reduce glare from the sun, making home offices, entertainment rooms, and playrooms easier on the eyes. It can be impossible to work on a computer or watch TV in some rooms of the house at certain times of day due to glare, but with the right coatings, you can use electronic devices easily.

7. Increase Security

Well-placed one-way window coatings can keep criminals and peeping Toms from being able to see into your home. If a potential daytime burglar can’t see in, for example, they don’t know where you are and are less likely to try something foolish. (One-way security coatings don’t have to look like a mirror to provide an opaque exterior view.)

8. Add Privacy

A white opaque film on bathroom and bedroom windows will make it less likely that someone will see you as you get out of the shower or get ready for bed. These films let in a soft, diffused light that is wonderful to live in and keeps anyone from seeing what’s behind the glass. This type of film can be used on internal glass doors as well.

9. Add Decoration

The right window tint can add so much beauty to a home. A house on the beach with mirrored windows or a New England Victorian house with lightly frosted windows can look amazing. These coatings are easily applied, quickly adding to the style and curb-appeal of a home. You can even use window films with cutout designs or various fading techniques to add to the house’s design.

There are hundreds of options for window tinting, from films you don’t even notice to those that make your windows decorated with a design or color. A window tinting professional can help you decide on the perfect tint for any window in your home. Click here to get a quick quote for protecting your home's windows today!